Redefined Mayhem

released 2014

"One of the finest and most explosive entries in the scene, this is certainly a good enough offering to fit alongside their classics while not being content to rely on those to carry the success of this one, in the end being its own offering and that’s good enough here. Certainly recommended to old-school thrash fans as well as hardcore followers of European thrash in general, while those looking for a starting point into their catalog should look to the classics first before attempting this one."
  1. Hellhound
  2. Triggered
  3. Undead Dogs
  4. Into the Dark
  5. Sacred Sorrows
  6. Process of Projection
  7. Fading Realities
  8. Liars
  9. Redemption of the Shattered
  10. Whet the Knife
  11. Delusion
  12. One Step Ahead of Death
  13. This Dirt